Whoopie Wednesday (revisted)

The joke in my parents house is this, if you tell my mom how much you like a new recipe she tries then she will NEVER make it again. For some reason, she just doesn't. I guess I am starting to follow in her shoes. Yesterday I made, for the third time ever, Whoopie Pies (and ironically it was on another Wednesday). The first time I made these they were a big hit amongst the family. I even made them a second time to ring in 2012. Yesterday I made them with a little twist, I made the filling more like a fluffer-nutter. I added a few heaping scoops of peanut butter to the mixture, and let me tell you... DELISH!
I apologize for the poor photography, it was taken by my iPhone quickly before the pie was devoured. Again, it was amazing. Here is the website again, if you are too lazy to go back and find my first attempt at these. :) So very yummy. To come tomorrow... Lasagna Rolls! Then possibly the recipe to the most amazing meatloaf I have ever made (I have made meatloaf 2 times in my entire life)- Lots of Love, Mommy Spooner


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