Catching Up...

A dream come true
I have come to the conclusion that trying to catch readers up with EVERYTHING that has happened in the past year would be quite difficult and pretty confusing.  The most recent happening our life was a FABULOUS trip to Walt Disney World, courtesy of the best parents in the whole world. I think all of Little Spooner's dreams came true. Here are a few pictures as well. We drove down on a Thursday and arrived on Friday night (after a minor car issue). Some people might think we were crazy for driving down to FL from OH with a 3 year old in tow, but she was surprisingly amazing in the car. We colored, watched movies, she helped guide us with "her map". We were informed numerous times that we were not on the purple road we were on the black road and we were going the wrong way. :) So she was entertained most of the way down there. I even almost had myself convinced that I could drive back for my summer visit to WY this year with her, but then was quickly reminded that she would have no one to entertain her in the back seat. 
Snow White with my Princess
We managed to make it to every park, and we found EVERY princess except one. It was 7 glorious days of sunshine. I'm pretty sure why my nails grew back so nicely. They have been incredibly frail lately, and peely, but now they are magically stronger and longer since my trip.

Little Spooner with me and her P-Papa
It truly was a magical trip, and there will be more pictures to follow. I just have yet to make it through all 300+ photos. Because as soon as we got back it was hit the ground running back to work (considering I have not informed you that this past June I took a position as a Nursing Supervisor at my hospital, and while it was not something I ever thought I would enjoy, I find I like it). I have truly been blessed when it comes to my career. I started out in such a supportive environment, and I cannot imagine working anywhere else.-Mommy Spooner


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