A Zebra Will Never Change His Spots...

The Elusive Spotted Zebra, I love Google
Wait... What (I meant stripes, or did I??) As I have informed you, the human formerly-known-as- Daddy Spooner is no longer in our lives (well he is in our lives, but does not live with us). He moved out of our house in July 2012. After all of that happened of course I was sad, distraught, confused. There were a few fleeting moments where I thought we were making a big mistake, and for Little Spooners sake we should try to work on things. I thought I needed to try and forgive him for his previous discretion's, and we could move past all of this and start fresh. After the facebook messages I received this weekend, any feeling of guilt or sadness has been replaced with a BIG FAT SIGH of ROLAI (wait I think I'm spelling that wrong- RELIEF!!!)!! I have received reaffirmation that this is the best thing that ever could have happened to me, because people will not change (at least not this one). One might think that after making a lot of mistakes, all the people you have hurt, and seeing where you end up after a lifetime of lying, you might decide to try to take a different path... But nope. Apparently the lies worked so well the first time, that some people just want to go on making up the same lies. :) All I can say is I am OVER THE MOON happy that this is no longer my problem (all while making me sad that people feel they have to live this way).
But this life decision has opened my eyes to an entirely new, drama free, life. It has made me more appreciative of the people who are still in my life, and the new people it has brought into my life. ;-) Without my "people" I would probably still be lying face down in the mud.
- Thank you, Mommy Spooner


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