Feast of the Asumption

I did it! I rode the Ferris Wheel with Little Spooner!
Terrified, but I did it!
If you know me at all, you know how proud of myself I am for the first picture... I am absolutely terrified of your basic carnival Ferris Wheel. My heart stops to watch Little Spooner ride it with her dad at Bay Days... but I sucked it up, got over it, and I know one day Little Spooner will appreciate this pic! I would say it wasn't that bad, but it was, but I have lived to tell of it.

Well... If you are hoping to see amazing photo's of my delicious meatball sub, or Music Mans Sausage sandwich, or Little Spooners Parmesan cheese covered tortellini, I apologize GREATLY! There will be no pics of cannoli's, or the rainbow sprinkled cookie/biscuit (no it was not a biscotti) that Little Spooner hoovered in the car. What kind of blogger am I? I again completely forgot to pull out the camera, or even my phone for that matter to snap a few pics of the AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS food we ate! I considered going back on Sunday just to capture pics... but I did not.

Around the bottom of the hill outside MOCA and a few
other places the city has placed pianos around...
Little Spooner LOVED this... She got a little shy.
If you haven't guessed it by now, we visited Little Italy's Feast of the Assumption this past Saturday. It is something I love to do every year. We were accompanied by some good friends and their family. The weather was nice, not as cool as I had planned, but still decent. We got there around 4-4:30ish on Saturday and the crowds were not horrible. But by the time we got our food and our seats you could see the people flocking.

We grabbed our grub from Guarinos booth outside their restaurant. I fully believe the key to grabbing food is not stopping until you get towards the end... But to me a meatball sub is a meatball sub.. Anyone who would like to prove me wrong, I WOULD LOVE IT! Music man managed to scoop up some Spicy Stuffed peppers from Mia Bella, the smell burned my nose, but in a good way.

Behind the church they had their carnival, but you have to walk through the instant bingo players and stumblers to get to it. They have a handful of rides and some games. Little Spooner won this cute little stuffed fish which she promptly named "Esmeralda" (let's play what Disney movie we watched this week). I guess I can't complain, I remember wanting to play those games soo bad when I was a kid. I even tried bribing her to not play them, by telling her she could spend $10 dollars at Target on a toy, and she wasn't biting. So fishing she went for this cutie. I am still able to avoid her winning a real fish, I'm not sure she is aware of the reward of that game yet... I'm sure it's not much longer though! :) Later this week we will be hitting up the Lorain County Fair... I don't want a goldfish, but I am considering making a bunny purchase... They are just so FLUFFY!- Mommy Spooner


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