Running For Pierogies!

This is another late post... (original date for this was July 6) So this past summer I ran my first 5K. It was truly a family affair. This run included my Dad, Mom, Brother Uncle Guy, sister Auntie Cole, brother-in-law Uncle Troy, nephew and Little Spooner. While Auntie Cole and Uncle Troy were in town for the 4th of July and Jax's first birthday. So we all signed up for "The Run for Pierogies" in Parma. It was super early, but I had trained for about 3 weeks.

Nana got the honors of pushing the double jogger with the cranky kiddos (must have been too early for them too). I must say I was pretty impressed with my time. For being my first run I came in under 36 minutes and did not come in last for my age group! 
Running this race was incredibly inspirational to me. It is something I have always wanted to accomplish, and it is kind of a culmination of all the love and support my family has given me in the past year. They were all there to keep me going for this entire race. Even though everyone except Nana finished before me, they all walked back to meet up with us, and my sister ran the rest of the race with me. Little Spooner was convinced that we "won" the race! :-) she actually ran the last .1 if the race all by herself. She was very excited. 
We were all a little disappointed in the fact that they weren't just handing out the handmade pierogies at the end of the race (not that I could of eaten them, the single bite of banana I took made me want to vomit). People were consuming all sorts of things after the race, pizza, fruit, juice, pierogies, etc... But they did have super cute medals that were in the shape of pierogies.  
This race motivated me to run yet another race this summer with my 2 besties! Stay tuned for those pictures. It was a great time!- Mommy Spooner
The family that sweats together, Stays together! <3 Them


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