One Week Down

I have officially completed/survived my first week back to school! This past week I began the RN-BSN Academic Outreach program through Ohio University.  I must also say that if it were not for the Blackboard program being down currently, all my assignments would be turned in before the due date! I even finished the paper, that is due on Sunday, on SATURDAY! No more procrastinating for me this time around.  The blog posts might remain to a minimum for now, until I can figure out a flow/schedule through the week of how Little Spooner and I will make this work.  It will be much easier once she begins preschool in 1 WEEK! She will be gone MTW from 9-11:30, so that gives me plenty of time to get home and hammer out some reading/writting/discussion board posting, before having to turn around and go pick her up. 

I also feel that having a laptop will make these classes much easier.  Right now I am confined to doing all my schoolwork on my desktop in the "office" of my house. Which leaves me no choice, when trying to do ANY school work with her home, but to use the big babysitter that sits on my wall (i.e. TV).  By using the big babysitter I am left with LOT'S of "Mommy Guilt". Once I can purchase my laptop, schoolwork will be able to go with us where ever life leads us... Library, park, Nana's house... 

For now though I am going to keep chugging along at this rapid pace (5 week classes), and JUST DO IT! 18 months is not that long, and I really feel that by needing to stay home more, my financial budget will stay under control waaay more!- Mommy Spooner


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