The Fest 2013

This year was my first year at The Festt (no I am not confusing this with the incredibly amazing FEAST... see the next post). My parents have been a few times prior to this, and I wasn't sure in years past if Little Spooner was "big" enough to enjoy it. This year Music Man joined me, Little Spooner, Nana and P-Papa.

For those of you who have never heard of The Fest, it is a "festival" put on by The Diocese of Cleveland. It takes place in Wickliffe at Boromeo Seminary school (this year it was August 4th... I know, a little late on the post, the next few posts might go a little out of order). The entire event is free to all. They offered a great line-up of music (Jamie Grace, For King and Country, Matt Maher and Casting Crowns- all Christian Music groups). I was impressed with the music. I am a big For King and Country fan and I have been known to sing some Jamie Grace at the top of my lungs in the car. We got there and snagged some lawn seats and set up shop.
One of the sponsors of the event was Marcs. They sponsored the "Mom's Relaxation Station" which was not quite so "relaxing", at least not to me. There were lots of lines, mom's waiting in line for mini massages, and mani's. While I like a good massage as much as the next gal, I was not about to wait in those lines, plus it was a little warm out, and who wants to be rubbed down when you are all sweaty... blah. Nana and I managed to score a pretty serious re-usable shopping bag though FULL of all sorts of stuff that probably came from the Marcs "garage sale" aisle, but I wasn't complaining! Who doesn't love FREE anything...

The "kid" section was nice. Again, I think Little Spooner as a little young to be able to participate in it all, but she got to pet some farm animals and color a few things, so she was a hapy chick. The advertisements promised inflatables, which would lead a mom to believe bounce houses, etc... Nope. They had inflatables where big kids could throw footballs or basketballs through hoops. Mom fail #1 of the day was me telling her that there would have a bounce house... They had BMX bikers performing, and a TON of vendor booths. The vendor booths were another great place to collect a bunch of freebies, mostly pens (and who doesn't need an endless supply of pens... I'm a nurse, don't forget that).

Not too sure how other people feel about their children
being included in other peoples internet posts, but it was a
great photobomb!
Food that was available was great. Johnsonville was a sponsor, so they had a LARGE grill area where you could purchase food, and it was all reasonably priced. Johnsonville saugsage, pizza, burgers, etc... At one point during the afternoon P-Papa managed to grab 3 pieces of fruit for $1... and bottled water was a dollar as well.
I have to say that the music portion of this event was my favorite. Little Spooner enjoyed it to a point... Like all 3 1/2 year olds she kind of hit a wall, made a fort with the blanket between lawn chairs and hid. Our friends Tina and Eric and their clan joined us as well, all 5 of their girls seemed to have fun as well (yes you read that correctly... 5 girls). I must say the part I was dreading the most was the potential bathroom situation... they had about 20 port-a-potty's lined up, but they were surprisingly clean (as clean as one might believe a port-a-potty could be I guess)

After all the music is done, they offer a large catholic mass with communion, etc... We didn't stay for that part though. It was getting to be late, Little Spooner needed food, and I was ready for bed... :) I really wish I would have remembered to pull out my camera earlier in the day...

All in all I would suggest checking this event out next summer. I would suggest getting there EARLY though, or be prepared for traffic and long lines to get off the highway. Boromeo sit's right off of the highway on Euclid avenue and it's a large log jam of cars. We didn't have to park too far away though... but for sure get there early. I thought maybe getting there an hour late would help our chances, not so much. It kept us outside for the day, I got a great little tan, Music Man a nice flip-flop burn...- Mommy Spooner


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