This weekend I was introduced to possibly the BEST guacamole I have ever tasted, on top of a few other things.  If you know me, you know that me and avocados do not exactly get along (even though I do love their taste).  They just cause me to feel a little "off" if you will.

We enjoyed a nice dinner out at El Carnicero.  El Carnicero is the newest member of Eric Williams' (owner and chef extraordinaire) restaurant family (also owns Momocho, in Ohio City, and Happy Dog).  We actually had the pleasure of being able to meet Eric himself as he made his way around the restaurant.  The restaurant is located in the old McCarthy's in Lakewood on Detroit Rd for those who might like enjoy traveling to Ohio City where parking is not always convenient.  Parking at this particular location can be a little tricky, but the wait is well worth it.  The decor of the place was pretty cool as well.  Luchador (mexican wrestler) masks displayed nicely in the old DJ booth, along with some behind the bar.  The graphic art on th walls too was really neat, and the lighting was perfect (not too dark).

We were lucky enough to get a spot right outside the restaurant on the street.  The wait was only 30 minutes for a table, so we had a seat at the bar.  Being the indecisive female that I am, I went with the margarita sampler.  It was hard to narrow it down to 3, but I went with the pineapple, strawberry rhubarb, and the tradicional.  I was most excited to try the strawberry rhubarb and was not disappointed.  The tradicional was also amazing, you cannot go wrong with a traditional margarita.  The pineapple was delicious as well, but the other two were by far my favorites.  Not to mention the really cool "las vegas-esqe" tequila sign over the bar.

With our drinks we ordered the goat cheese guac which was incredibly creamy, and the goat cheese added a sharpness to the guac... amazeballs is the only way to describe it.  The chips were warm and hearty, not flimsy and thin like at most restaurants.  I could have ate the entire bowl of guac by myself... (note to self, NEVER go here alone... or DO IT).

For entrees I got the Camaron taquitos, and Music Man go the Barriga taquitos.  His was MUCH better than mine, mostly because it was pork belly and tasted like bacon (I'm pretty sure bacon out ranks most things). The one thing that did not get it's own picture was the papas fritas that we split. Skinny shoestring fries covered in Chimichurri sauce (which I have never had before and now want to put it on EVERYTHING).

Other than the guac, and the margaritas and the food, my last favorite part of this restaurant is this "piece de resistance" (my keyboard does not type french)..... A divider wall that is made from the pallets/crates that the avocados are shipped in.  I kind of feel like my house needs one of these... lol. Perhaps outside on the deck I can make one into a privacy wall??? This would be awesome.  The space itself has the same layout as McCarthy's, but this is DEFINITELY NOT McCarthy's anymore... The great part was is that I still remembered where the bathrooms were, and the girls is even a little bigger than before :)

Have you eaten anywhere new lately? If so where and what was your favorite part?- Mommy Spooner


  1. Are we related? I LOVE strawberry rhubarb pie so I definitely will try the margaritas! Also between using as a tater tot dipping sauce at Happy Dog & getting the chimichurri sauce at El Carnicero I've taken to making my own - it IS addictive! Great WRITE up & YES pork trumps seafood!

    1. MamaRox, we just might be... and if you love strawberry rhubarb you will have to try Noosa brand yogurt (I got it at Giant Eagle, but I have seen it at Target), they have a strawberry rhubarb fruit on the bottom yogurt! Delish!


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