Mommy Spooner vs. The Toilet

So yesterday as I flushed my toilet, I heard a little "clink" in the tank of my toilet (apparently all the working out I've been doing is paying off, only at the expense of my toilet, not so much my waist line). So after the toilet was done running, I attempted to flush it again, but was met with no resistance whatsoever from the flusher/handle. I immediately went into panic mode, not only forgetting that I have a second toilet in my home, but also trying to figure out how I was going to get this fixed (with my "slum-lord" of a landlord, who knows how long it would take to get a toilet fixed). So I gathered my composure, removed the lid from the tank, pressed down on the handle and had an "AHA!" moment. That thought was this, "I am going to fix this toilet all on my own. I won't google, or ask for help" (that thought came about 10 seconds after I posted on facebook desperately looking for someone to fix my toilet, I even offered to purchase them lunch). I received many generous offers from friends and family members. But Little Spooner and I trotted off (maybe we should have marched, that's much more manly) to the Home Depot for our toilet fixin' supplies. Little Spooner LOVES the Home Depot, almost as much as her Mommy. After we located the plumbing aisle and found what I was "pretty sure" I needed to buy, we proceeded to spend another 30 minutes perusing the lumber yard, and the spray paint aisle (on the upside I decided what my next home project will be... can't wait to show you!). Who can get out of those stores in under 10 minutes? Not these girls.

Once we got home, I went to work on my injured toilet. It took me about 3 minutes to work up the nerve to put my hand in the tank water. I know it's clean, but is it REALLY clean? No. All the pieces parts inside that tank are kinda wet, cold and somewhat slimy. So if you include the 3 minutes it took for me to get my hand in, plus the 2 minutes it took me to attach the new part... 5 minutes total to fix my toilet issue. Now, if I knew what the parts were called, I would maybe post a step-by-step how to post... but let's be honest, I am not a plumber, so here is how I would describe what I did...

1. Removed Tank Lid
2. Turn off water to the toilet by turning the nob, near the ground next to the toilet, to the left
3. Pull up rubber stopper from the bottom of the tank and let all the water drain out of the tank
4. Remove nasty old rubber stopper and throw in the garbage.
5. Thread new "pole/screw in thingy" through the eye hole of the other pole that comes off of the flusher handle
6. That twist the pole/screw thingy into the rubber stopper.. VIOLA!
Not the best pic, but I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished. I took charge, and did not require the aid of anyone else. Thank you again to all of you who offered to lend me a helping hand, I even had someone offer up her husband who is a plumber, and happened to be home. But I prevailed! Some victories are sweeter than others... I needed this!- Mommy Spooner (aka: superwoman... at least for today).


  1. And this is exactly how I learned to do things for myself. You go momma! I knew you were a strong independent lady and u just proved it! Doin a happy dance over here for you!


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