Whoopie Wednesday!

Daddy Spooner was off to work all day today, which left me and Little Spooner to get into some trouble at the grocery store. I see pictures of these things all the time, and in celebration of being off of work today I decided to give them a shot.
I used a recipe from Epicurious . The picture of these on the website and I could not resist.
Can you blame me for just grabbing a spoon and taking just a little try?? :)
1/4 a cup of batter onto a butter greased cookie sheet

and the middle part of the pies (Fluff, powdered sugar and butter), taste pretty much JUST LIKE oreo filling. :)
Whoopie Pies for Whoopie Wednesday!! They were a wonderful ending to a not-so-stellar dinner. Will post what that was tomorrow.
-Mommy Spooner


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