It's Official...

We are officially potty trained! Little Spooner has gone over 2 weeks without an accident, even made it on a car ride to Columbus (roughly 2 hours away), spent a day at the mall with me and Auntie Cole, and all the way home from Columbus without even a sprinkle in our pull-up (when we are at home or making short trips anywhere we dare to wear strictly big girl pants, but for long journeys or things like grocery shopping we stick to our pull-ups). The last little accident she had, she was crying and apologizing, I felt horrible and had to console her. Now sher has a better grasp on "accidents are okay", but has opted to not wet in her trousers despite that advice.
I cannot explain how proud I am of her. One day it was like it just clicked. Now the pressure for a new baby begins. I think waiting 1 more year is a good time frame... Not sure if I want to wait that long. I do miss all the baby stuff, but I LOVE how independent she is. I actually dozed off while playing on the floor with her, and she was just fine when I woke up 20 minutes later. The house was still standing, and she did not break any bones. It was great. In the words of a good friend from back west, "I will have another baby once I can take a nap". While she didn't exactly follow that rule, she's expecting a baby in the next few weeks, I concur.  So those are a few updates in my life. Looking for a new project. Will be posting photo's of the dresser I built.- Mommy Spooner


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