Stir Crazy...

I am going insane. I am dying to get into our own place. Like I have said a million times, living with family is really not a horrible place to live. At the end of the day though, it is not our home. I have not felt "home" in over 6 months. No I am not pregnant, and I do not want to call this "nesting" but I am really needing to decorate. I want to have my home to decorate for halloween and thanksgiving (fall in general) and especially Christmas. I want to have our tree, with our ornaments and just our stuff. I want my own laundry room to decorate and use my laundry basket dresser to its full capacity. I want little Spooenr to have her own cute room, with a lofted bed and playhouse underneath it. We came to a conclusion to stay with family until March, then we can buy a house or rent to own a home. It gives us a chance to put away a good chunk of money for a down payment. I cannot help but look on real estate websites. I love looking at homes, and spaces. HH is a great real estate website that I love looking at... how else would I get to see the inside of a 5 million dollar home!?!? It is the nosey side of me. Going to estate sales is my favorite lately. I love going to peoples houses and seeing all their stuff, and going through all their junk. so I just need to hang on for a few more months and they we are "Home Free", hopefully. Until then I will keep on pinning on pinterest all my hopes and dreams, and visions for our future home. Follow me on there. - Mama Spooner


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