Not So Stellar Dinner

This is a recipe that I got from my Mom. Her's turns out WAAAY better than mine. I had a great vision of how this was going to turn out. And as you can see it does not seem too appetizing. What I did was sliced up some apples, and 1 yellow onion. I placed the pork chops on top of some slices, salt and peppered the pork chops, covered with foil and placed in 350 degree oven for 50 minutes.

I know it is probably hard to believe but it really was not that bad. I am a bad seasoner, so they were a little bland, and somewhat dry. I did pull some of the juice out and poured it over my cut up meat to help out, and also only ate meat with bites of baked apples (they were delish). I thought that perhaps the next time I make this I will try and crust the pork chops or come up with some good kind of sauce that would go with the apples. You win some, you lose some- Mommy Spooner


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