Laundry Basket Dresser

I have to thank Ana White's Website for this one. If you seach for her Laundry Basket Dresser, it will take you to a page that gives you a complete list of supplies you need, all the measurements/cuts you need to make, etc.  Let's just say that all I needed was assistance using the power tools (I am not exactly handy with those yet), and holding it together to assemble the pieces. I guess that means that the only thing I did with this on my own was paint it and put the "drawers" in. Speaking of the paint I used Olympics Paint in Bimini Blue. I cannot wait to have my own laundry room to make more of these. Extremely convenient if you are like me and REALLY bad at putting clothes away after you fold them. Which is exactly why I decided that I HAD to make this.
The Ana White website is EXTREMELY helpfull when it comes to building ANYTHING you can think of. You can even find measurements/blueprints for a king size storage bed, bunk beds, desks, literally ANYTHING. Hopefully one day I will be saving my family a TON of money by being able to do these things on my own, so that we do not need to spend a fortune buying stuff all of the time.
Check out Ana's website, it is truly inspiring.
- Mommy Spooner


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