Trick-Or-Treat Bag

This year will be little Spooners 3rd Halloween. Her first year she was a darling Lady Bug. For the second year she was an adorable Giraffe. This year we are going for something REALLY cute. Perfect for a 2 year old! I will reveal that after Halloween. For trick-or-treating this year, Ashtyn will be styling. I have made her a special treat bag!
I made this out of a white medium tote canvas bag, 3 different types of holiday fabrics, and good ole puffy paint. When I told my mom how I made it and what I made it with she said, "oh puffy paint, that brings back LOTS of memories". I guess you could say I was the girl who always had puffy paint shirts/sweatshirts, etc.  Not something I am proud of, but it was fun at the time (the time being the early 90's).
I started by hemming the bottom of the fabric, them measured up 3 inches and cut. I then hemmed the top part as well. Then starting at the bottom, in which ever order you choose, you sew the fabric onto the bag. This was a little easier said than done, but I didn't do anything too precise. I just pinned the fabric where it looked good, making sure to pleat it as it went around to add the ruffle look.
Then the top I used purple and black puffy paint. I am going to possibly be adding a bow to the bag somewhere, not sure if I should yet or not. But this is it so far. I am quite fond of it. Didn't take me too long, and definitely would not take me as long to make another one. The first one always takes me the longest because then I figure out how NOT to do it. Happy Treating to all of you!- Mommy Spooner


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