Triple Paste to the Rescue... That deserves a margarita

I thought I would let everyone know that Little Spooners tookas is looking and feeling much better. After just 1 hefty application of the Triple Paste to her bum, it looked 75% better. All day yesterday we caked it on, and she still has a little bit of rash, but she doesn't wince when changing her diaper.
Today is a day off of work! It just so happens to be Cinco de Mayo! I fully plan on enjoying the day with some wonderful Qdoba for dinner with some margaritas or Coronas! It's nice to be in a place that recognizes the "cultural differences" in people, especially when it involves the encouragement to drink margaritas and eat burritos!
I hope you can raise your glass today (whatever might be your preference), and celebrate the blessings in your life. :) Off to see what trouble I can get into today... Mommy Spooner!


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