New Venture

I have found something new to try and get my hands dirty... REALLY DIRTY! But not with mud or grass, or anything slimey... It is the kind of dirty that makes you want to lick your fingers when you are done! I am talking about baking. Not just cakes or cookies. My mom bought me this book called "Cake Pops" by Bakerella ( < a link to her blog...

It is such a great idea... I have never had a cake pop but they seem to be all the rage at the moment. Even Starbucks is selling them! My first venture will hopefully be this coming week and making some for a little cousins birthday sleepover party! (She's 10 so she has to approve the idea first). They look delicious, and I am VERY excited about them.  I will post pictures when they are completed!

I am also hoping to finish the matching dresses for Little Spooner and her Cousin Soupy. Soupy refuses to wear pants and always has to have some form of skirt or dress on, even to the park! :)  They are super cute... I am hoping they turn out ok, just kind of winging it! :)

Untill next time... Madre Spooner (in celebration of Cinco de Mayo which is coming up!)


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