Have you ever had one of those days that you know will be a good day? I rate these days based on how many stoplights I can make it through, on my way to work, before having to stop. Going to work this morning, only 7 hours after I had left work last night, I made it through 10 before I even had to yield, but still not stop, but got stopped at the 11th one.  Starting my day like this always helps me put my best foot forward, and best attitude as well.  Sounds silly, but pay attention next time, to how many lights you can get through on your way to work. I am convinced that if I can hit the perfect speed limit going down the road, I will one day make them all without having to stop. Oh what a glorious day at work that will be.
Pretty excited about having the day off. Going to start on those cake pops I was talking about a few weeks ago. Mommy, Daddy and Little spooner are going to find some fun to get into... Mommy Spooner


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