Perfect popcorn...

Tonight is one of the best nights I have had in a loong time.  While I always missed Daddy Spooner while he was away on those LOOONG sports weekends, it was kind of nice to sit and relax after Little Spooner would go to bed and watch whatever I  wanted to watch, and have a glass of wine and a little snack. No sports to watch, no constant flipping of the channels, no guilt over subjecting others to my horrible choice in Bravo/E!/HGTV shows or even movies for that matter.
I got to sit in the comfy chair, curl up with my laptop, a cozy blanket and a new movie that my husband would watch ONLY after a big eye roll, and constantly making fun of the entire movie.  Tonight I get to watch "The Kids Are Alright", won a few awards I believe.... and munch on some yummy popcorn and a diet soda!
After an exhausting day I am shutting my brain off and zoning out to this movie.  Back to the grindstone tomorrow morning. Hasta la pasta, Mommy Spooner.


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