A Nurses Prayer...

That is exactly what I needed this weekend.  It feels so good to be back in the crazy confines of the hospital.  Today we had a Code Omega right from the get-go. No open beds, no ICU beds, and a packed ER.  Somehow we managed to get a few people out the door, and in enough time to enjoy the beautiful day we had on sunday.  Somehow managed to get 4 IV's in on the first try, which is one of my favorite things to do (I know it sounds awfull and sadistic, but it's one of those things I'm good at doing and I am confident in my skills)... guess that little slump I went through is over.  Some patients just never cease to amaze... I have not decided what the happy medium is between sharing stories from work and if it's breaking HIPPA laws, there are other nursing blogs out there that go quite in depth, so maybe I will have to follow some of those, and see exactly how much they reveal... Take my word for it... some patients just never cease to amaze me.

The things we put up with as Nurses you wouldn't believe. I was called a "F'in B" followed by a hang up 3 times before 10AM by the mother of a patient who put himself in the bed for life by using drugs, and all I was trying to do was get consent for a test taken care of... And the poor cat lady who "has done things wrong in the past" but really wants to "get it right this time and try hard to take better care" of herself, when her poor little heart is only clearing 25% of the blood it contains. It is a emotionally draining job, especially when unfortunately you cannot completely fix all you patients, no matter how hard you try.  Back to the grindstone tomorrow, Mommy Spooner


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