The Cakepops were a hit!

Pre-Dipped Cakepops!
This batch I used confetting cake
with confetting frosting.
This cakepop has been
dipped, placed, and

I am sooo excited. My first attempt at cakepops was a success!! I made these for cousin magoo's 9th birthday party tonight. And all of her friends, including much of the family, LOVE them! Unless they were just being nice... never-the-less, they got eaten.

I wasn't sure just how they'd turn out, but the pretty much looked just like the picture, and as I was going along, I even thought up even better ideas to go along with the cakepops and ways to improve them! I used the original recipe from Bakerella's book "Cakepops".  It provides you with everything you would need... although I only got roughly 26 cakepops out of the recipe, and she says you should get 48... I must have made them too big... Still delicious!

Finishing touch! Cakepop
that looks like an ice
cream cone!

And, VIOLA! Cakepops for nine 9 year olds. I actually made
18 total, but could only nicely fit 9 on the holder I made by
covering a shoebox! :)


  1. Not only were they the hit of the party they were fabulous. Kudos to Jess


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