Can I buy a better bike seat for that?

W are facing our first real case of diaper rash today.  Our poor little girl. She has never had anything like this before.  The nurse in me knows that this happens, but the Mommy in me has done her best to prevent this for 19+ months, and hates to see her little face scrunch up whenever you have to change her diaper. We are very firm believers in using Aquaphor, we put it on everyday, not with every change, but after every poo and at the slightest sign of too-pink skin. Tonight we are going to give Triple Paste a shot and see what results we get. From the reviews I have read, it is amazing. 

For the most part, nothing new is going on.  Almost done with orientation at the hospital. Spent 8 hours in orientation yesterday (monday) and then worked 8 hours on a pod (for GAP pay none-the-less *25 dollars more an hour ontop of my charge nurse wage).  It was like I was a new grad again, and I haven't felt that anxious in a long time. Kind of like riding a bike... one of those akward looking bikes with the small back tire and the HUGE front tire...

Courtesy of Google Images

... incredibly cool looking, but VERY uncomfortable, and I imagine it would be incredibly wobbly. I am excited to get my "sea legs" back if you will. I know I am in a facility that really surrounds and supports its employees if you are willing ot admit your short comings needs, and expectations. Once again I must say, it feels so good to be home!- Mommy Spooner
"Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from"- Seth Godin


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