Bedroom "re-do"

I am contemplating giving my sleeping space a MUCH needed face lift. Currently my boudoir is a hot mess of clothes strewn about, and one giant elephant in the room that needs to be removed... a big dresser that I love, and would love to use as a "foot board" if my room was way bigger, but alas it is not. I have a large closet that houses a majority of my clothes and one smaller, tall-ish dresser in the corner. What I am really debating when I say "face-lift" is new bedding. I want to have an inviting bed, that beckons me when I come home from work so late at night. While I used to be obsessed with my comforter (it was an $80 comforter with $50 sheets from target, that I purchased for $40 total!), it just isn't doing it for m anymore. I want something cute, clean, bright, and relaxing (are you picking up with I'm putting down?).  If you forget what my headboard looks like here is a link to that...
Here are my current color choices...
#1: Aqua, Teal, Yellow and Grey.. (not going to lie, this is my favorite, and I might just do this, but I'd enjoy feedback, if any of you are interior designers and have some suggestions, PLEASE throw them my way!)
#2: Coral, Aqua/Teal, Grey, White. I am not such a fan of the "pineapple" light, but I like the pop the coral gives the blue.
Also taking suggestions if you have other color schemes that might work. This weekend I am going to pull the trigger on this project. I'm pretty excited!!!  Photo's to follow once completed!

Taking referrals for big strong men who can come move a VERY large and heavy dresser from my room to the basement of my home... Ladies, want your man out of the house for a few minutes I have that to be moved and yard work to be completed... :) Send them on over. I will even feed them lunch!
Thanks in advance!- Mommy Spooner


  1. I have extra bluish paint that is in my downstairs if you wanna re-paint your walls :) its a soothing blue spa like color...i love it. if i wasn't working this weekend, i could come over and help ya. im off tomorrow. i can come in the morning and help before you go to work :)


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