I found a great headboard at an estate sale, for an even more amazing price. It looked like this...
I am pretty sure we paid about $30 for this king size headboard (awfull I know, and I am a lucky lady who's husband trusts her judgement... most of the time). This jem sat in the basement for approximately 6 months before actually doing something with it.  I hemmed and hawed about what I should really do with it. I considered many things. Including making it the back of a daybed for Little Spooner, and putting ends on it and a trundle underneath. Once we found a place and decided to move we got to work...

My father-in-law and Daddy Spooner took the middle part out. Daddy Spooner sanded the wood down for me...
then I primed it. Then put a coat of white paint over it. I picked up some grey suede material from JoAnn's for 50% off (always a score).

Finally completed! With a little help, got the fabric wrapped and stapled, then trimmed. I have LOT's of fabric leftover, and plan on making pillows eventually! So total cost to do this... $30 for headboard, $12 for hardware supplies, $48 for the fabric. Not too shabby!- Mommy Spooner


  1. Awsome! You know what I did with pillows...after christmas, joanns had a sale on xmas stuff. so i decided just to take a trip down that isle before i headed for polyester fill for pillows. I saw the price, it wasn't bad...but I was like wait a min...they had polyester fill in the christmas isle for decorating....and its on CLEARANCE! Well that was a no brainer. lol so i bought xmas polyester fill for a fraction of the cost and stuffed my euro pillows to make them more full for the covers to actually stand up nice on the pillow instead of beaing all floppy.

  2. oh by the way, the headboard looks amazing!


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