Long time no write...

It has been a VERY VERY long time since I have blogged. Life around these parts has been incredibly busy. I am happy to say that we have FINALLY found a place of our own... and just a shade under a year! :) We couldn't be happier. We have been busy getting ready for the big move. Not to say that this move does not bring with it some anxiety, but it is a good anxiety. I have lots of pictures to post eventually of the new place, and all the wonderful work we have already put into the place. A few updates here and there.
Little Spooner is also growing and learning all sorts of new things. This year she got to have a Valentines Day party with a few of her little friends. They made Valentines Glitter Globes, and decorated cupcakes, which really means they spread around some frosting and put waaaay to many candies and sugar sprinkles on them! :) All of these have pictures to follow.
But it is late, and I am tired. Busy day tomorrow, as it is my Birthday. 28 already. Cannot believe it. I feel so much older then that. Lots of reflection to do on the past year. Some really good, some incredibly awful. A roller coaster of a year, I must say. I am glad to be starting out this next year of my life in our own place... a fresh start. Maybe all this painting we have been doing can be a metaphor for our lives this year... a Fresh Coat of Paint.
Long night in the hospital, makes a tired Mommy Spooner. 8:30 comes to early, and thats when Little Spooner wakes up! :)


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