Looking for things to do???

Today I wanted to just make sure all my friends who have children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren (whatever you call the wee ones in your life), were aware of this awesome website. It is called Hulafrog. Hulafrog is an amazing website you can visit to find fun things in the area for you to do with your little ones. Activities range from festivals, to local library activities, to theater productions, even different summer camps/classes. I have used Hulafrog on several occasions to find things for Little Spooner and I to do. This is where I found the story time that they have at the Miller Reservation in Avon. On this site they give you the times and dates for all activities. You can register to receive updates from the site as well, so they will email you when a new calendar is released, or send you a notification of something fun going on for the weekend. I have found this site incredible helpful when I am feeling like I have run out of ideas.

On this site they will also let you know of other great ideas, like a small photo shoot where you can have your kids dress up like superhero's and have their pictures taken in the park... How else would you ever have known that was going on?? Clearly a parent came up with this idea, and it is FANTASTIC! I actually thought about contacting the manager of the site, and requesting that they connect this site with maybe some "Meet-Up" groups (which if you do not know what that is, it is another site where you can find groups of people to hang out with based on special interests, mommy play groups, foodie groups, etc... nobody else is as socially challenged as I am, don't judge).

Hopefully this tid-bit of information will come in handy for over the summer, to keep you and your little ones active and outside, or cool and inside!- Mommy Spooner


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