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I wish I could claim this idea as my own... but like all the good projects I have, I stole this from Pinterest, but I put my own little spin on it. I wanted something to put on this big space of empty wall in my living/dining/play room area, and just a few frames was not going to cut it. This is also something I have wanted to do for a long time, but there was a certain "party" that was against the idea and thought it would look bad, and since certain "party" is no longer a counted vote, I get to do what I want! I then considered a giant mirror on the wall to make the room bigger, and add some light, but again, I was looking for something with a little more personality. (disclaimer: this project required 2 trips to Hobby Lobby, not that I am complaining, because JoAnns, and Pat Catans just did not have the cute shape that Hobby Lobby did). The pin that I got this idea from, had you Mod Podging the pics to the wood, but I didn't want to ruin pictures, and I wanted to be able to swap out pictures as Little Spooner and I had more adventures, or my Little Man, nephew, (who is also featured on this wall) grows bigger.

Here are my supplies for this project:
Various Shapes and sizes of wooden plaques from hobby Lobby (the most I paid for 1 plaque was $2.99, the little plaques were like $1.79), and I used 3 different colors of Spray Paint (clearly), Tacky Glue (already had, but its like $.99 at Pat Catans), 3M Command strips (Velcro-y kind- maybe around $8 a pack, and I bought 2, this also helps me avoid having to fill so many holes when I move out), 4x6 ($1.96) & 3x5 ($1.29) Magnetic Photo Frames from Walmart (I do not remember the exact price on these, but they were really cheap)

I started by spray painting the plaques. They each required only 2 coats of paint. Make sure you let them dry completely before the next step. This took a lot of patience on my part, because I was so excited to get these up on the wall. After they are completely dry, take the magnetic frames and peel the magnets off of them. Spread some tacky glue on the back of them and center them on the plaques. My photos are far from centered, let alone level, on my plaques, but again, it is because I am far from a perfectionist, and I really just wanted them to be completed! :) You MUST let the plaque with the frames glued on lay flat for a good 6 hours (or however long it takes for the glue to COMPLETELY DRY). If not, you will have frames falling all over the place, and potential for Tacky Glue all over the carpet (I have learned from experience, again, I am VERY impatient). After this, place your 3M command strips on the back of the plaques (larger plaques required 2 strips, while the smaller ones I just used 1 strip). Then you are ready to stick them up on the wall! I am really pleased with how this turned out. On the 3 plaques that do not have photos on them, I am going to be printing some of my favorite quotes, or scriptures, song lyrics, and Mod Podging those to them (that was my own personal idea). :) Pin That!

The view from my hallway. I could have made this MUCH larger, and I have left myself plenty of room to add on if need be. If you knew me in high school, you know that I had a LARGE collage of magazine clippings that almost wrapped around my entire room. I can see this getting a little out of control, BUT if you are going to go big, you need to do this REAL big, and like fill the whole wall, because that would be super cute. But keeping it small like this is good too. If it was in the middle it just would not be the same.
There is plenty of room to expand this as needed. Which I am sure one day I will do. That would require more trips to Hobby Lobby, which I am TOTALLY ok with... If you are reading this Hobby Lobby CEO, PLEASE put a Hobby Lobby in Westlake/Rocky River/North Olmsted/Avon area! Medina/Brunswick is kind of a far trip for crafting supplies!- Mommy Spooner


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