TP Booboo

I cannot believe how clueless I am... This morning I had a little blemish on my face that I tried to take care of myself, and had a little bit of bleeding. So I put a piece of toilet paper on my chin to make it stop. Little Spooner and I packed up and headed to the park at the end of our street. We walked, and hung out at the park for about 30 minutes. While I was pushing her on the swing she kindly yells out, "Mommys got a Booboo!" Which is the exact time that I realize that I still have TP stuck to my chin!!! There was approximately 5 other Moms at the park this morning... Consider me MORTIFIED!! How embarassing. This made it that much easier to decide to go home and have turkey sandwhiches for lunch.
- Mommy Spooner


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