The most wonderful time of the year...

For many this would imply Christmas. For this girl it means FALL!! Football, leaves changing colors, and cool cool weather! The recent cool weather has inspired me to start decorating! So amidst the potty training we are doing today I decided to finish this little gem!!
I still feel like I am missing something on it, but still cute! It all started by purchasing a white foam ring from your nearest craft store. Then I purchased 1.5 yards of light colored burlap and 1/2 yard of brown burlap. and cut the fabric into 2"x18" strips.
Then just simply tie the strips around the ring. I used the 2 khakis, 1 brown, 2 khakis, 1 brown, pattern.
After you get everything tied on, you can try and clean it up a little bit. Cut off some of the lose/frayed ends. I also trimmed up the edges a little bit so they weren't so floppy. All in all it turned out great. Now all we have to do is get a place of our own to display it on our own door!
Hopefully that is coming up very soon!
Recently we have been really focusing on potty training. Every once in a while we will put on big girl pants and she thinks it is all find and dandy, but will usually have an accident. This morning she was up around 8:30. We ate breakfast, and then put on our big girl pants. We use the gerber underpants that have the thicker lining in the bottom (just in case, they are a bit more absorbant). She wears only those, no pants or anything over them. So she went from 9am-1pm without an accident and went potty probably 5-6 times on the potty! :) I am so excited for her. At naptime we use Dora Pull-ups (recently she has been waking up dry so it is directly onto the potty she goes). Maybe this potty training thing is catching on for her!
Fingers Crossed!
Mommy Spooner


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