Saturday Dinner

Tonight we had a great dinner, made by yours truly believe it or not! I made Island Teryaki BBQ Steak Kabobs (or skewers if you prefer). I purchased "stew meat", marinated it all day in the ever so tasty
. Can I say it again that they were DELICIOUS! On the kabobs I put meat, mushrooms and green peppers (I would have thrown on some onions, but was plumb out of those). Then Daddy Spooner grilled those up on the barbie (because I have no idea how to use a grill, unless its a foreman). While he did that I made up some yummy rice

Now I did not want to put any of the extra sauce on the rice for photo purposes, but while I was eating a added a little extra sauce to the rice (just because the marinade is sooo good- and it's a free country). Here is what the final product came to,
and when you have this
durring dinner, it is always a good thing! :)
It was a hit... Daddy Spooner pointed out that the marinade was really good on the veggies, which makes me want to try and cook up some squash in it.. but that is for another day. Many more things to blog about... New job for Daddy Spooner, I will give that a blog of it's own (2 blogs in 1 days... say it isn't so Mommy Spooner).
So yummy dinner, meant happy Little Spooner, which meant our photo shoot at the Covered bridge in Olmsted Township went VERY well as well, which makes a happy Mommy Spooner!

Pictures to follow, Mommy Spooner


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