New Kid on The Blog

So I officially spent roughly 24 hours or more pondering the name of my blog. It's really a lot of pressure to come up with a name. Now my frustration is solely coming from trying to figure out how to find/upload/design a template... up until this point in my life I have considered myself computer "savvy", clearly I have a lot to learn still. So any readers out there in blogger land feel free to offer any advice on how to do that. Untill then, for now I guess we will just have to live with the background that is on there.

Like you could guess I am a big city girl who lives in the Middle-of-nowhere, Wyoming. I have been here now for a little under 2 years (it will be 2 years in March).  I never really thought of myself as a "big city girl" untill I moved to where the nearest Wal-Mart is 35 miles away not to mention that is also where Starbucks is!!! Not only is Wal-Mart 35 miles away, but Target (my ultimate favorite of the big box stores) is over 120 miles from where I live.  And do not even get me started on where the nearest "quality" mall is.

Needless to say, I have been stranded here in the middle-of-nowhere with my wonderful husband and daughter for close to 2 years and I can hardly belive it. As the blog's continue I promise to divulge more about myself, past, present and future. But after trying to figure out how to upload templates and fix what I seem to have done, I am exhausted.

I am very excited about this new venture.  With so little to do here, this should keep me busy, on top of being a Fulltime Home Health Hospice Nurse, Mom and Wife.


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