As if the weekend isn't enough...

Yesterday had "RELAX" written all over it... sort of.  I was all excited about it until I actually got home...Went into work, dropping Little Spooner off at the sitters house. Sitter and her daughter were both sick, but I did not really have a choice but to take her there (have to make money). Daddy Spooner was going to be picking her up after his morning show (he's on the radio) was over, then I would come home early from work so he could go back and finish up his day (YEAH!!). Work of course, as always, took longer than expected.  Came home to Little Spooner sleeping in the car, had to wake her up to get her out (do they really need to make pick-up trucks that big!!), fed her lunch and watched an episode of Dora (amazing how fascinated she is by ONLY Dora, no other cartoon gets her attention like Dora does).  Apparently a 35 minute nap in the car is the equivalent to what she feels is the "right amount" of nap time (we disagree on a lot of things), because when I went to put her down for her nap probably a good hour and a half after I got home, she wanted no part in it.  She was going to sit in that crib until I went and took her out. Which of course I did and rocked her to sleep. So needless to say there was no relaxing on a short day from work for me... Bummer.

I did however yesterday get to spend some time with Little Spooner which is always a great thing, crabby or not. So I cannot be too disappointed in that. Also yesterday, Daddy Spooner received some interesting news... which hopefully can be divulged at a later date, I am DYING to tell someone soon... I might pop! But until then I have strict instructions to keep my mouth closed about it. :-) 

Other then that, today was quite uneventful.  No exceptional patient stories to tell, or run-in's with cattle in the road, or any other Wyoming Wildlife for that matter. I promise my life isn't that boring all of the time, it definitely has it's days. - Mommy Spooner


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