Another Failed Attempt of Dinner Out

I had a friend, Megan, invite me out to dinner tonight.  Unfortunately, Daddy Spooner is out of town for basketball games, so against my better judgement I attempted to take Little Spooner out with us to dinner.  Not that this was an incredibly fancy restaurant, but probably one of the nicest around here. My friend Ashley was working and was our waitress for the night. 

I truly do not know what I am thinking when I do these things.  As soon as we get there, Little Spooner starts with the screaming and not sitting in her chair (it is the SAME thing  EVERY TIME). She eats almost 2 whole scones before her dinner even comes to the table. She then gets chicken tenders and green beans.  And officially wants nothing to do with her food, and will noly eat from my lap.  So by the time my food has come, I have only taken 1 sip of my wine (which I was SOO looking forward to). When Ashley returned I promptly asked for a box for my food so I could eat it later.  This seems like it happens more then not. 

Does anyone have any suggestions... other then "wait until she is older to take her to dinner".  I was soo hoping that "our baby" wouldn't be like those "other babies" who cannot behave or act like a human in public places.  I guess maybe that is expecting too much from a 16month old. 

This is not the first time, and I am SURE that it will not be the last time that I attempt this on my own (well without Daddy Spooner). Megan is always such a good friend, and is such a trooper for putting up with the little ones antics.  She just rolls right along with it, and helps me deal with my frustration. Just me venting about yet another horrible experience out to dinner with the Little one.  From now on... Take Out it is for us- Mommy Spooner


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