The DIY bug has bitten again!!!

Yes... I tend to get these phenomenal (well what I think is phenomenal) ideas from time to time... Such as building my own dinning room table (which I could have done if I had the proper tools, at one point in my life I made a KILLER step stool in shop class), running a marathon (still "in-training"), and now a DIY Headboard!! It does not appear to be that difficult. I just have to pick a "style".  I found a great idea of using a fireplace mantel, but those tend to be a bit pricey (unless someone out there in blogger world has one they would like to donate and ship to Wyoming).  This is a pretty cute idea. Looks like they just took a pre-made shelf, put some hooks on the bottom and hung a bench cushion from it.  A little too shabby chic for my liking. These are the directions that I am going to go by.  The 2x4's will be pre-cut by my good friends at the local hardware store, along with the plywood (?? not sure if this is what it is called, but again I am sure the help full employee at the hardware store would be more then willing to help).   Another very cute idea, but not exactly sure if I would want pictures of Little Spooner hanging above my bed. Maybe if I used pictures from wedding or something would be a better idea, but something to think of. Would also need to relocate where our bed is in our room, considering our bed backs up to a HUGE window.  I will take pics of our current "room situation" and perhaps some suggestions could be made. If I could get a mantel and put it around a padded/fabric headboard that would be ideal. VERY excited about this project!! For now, Mommy Spooner


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