Like sands through the hour glass...

I love that since we have moved here, our lives have been pretty exciting (not in the way most people would consider exciting). We had a baby 6 months after arriving in the middle-of-nowhere. My husbands' job keeps him incredibly busy and things are constantly changing and improving for him.  He is amazing at what he does, and I do not think anyone could be prouder of him (other then his mother). Where we both began when we first met, and where we both are now, I could not have predicted in a million years.  He was there when I graduated college and became an RN and succeeded at what I loved, and I have watched him single-handily take over the airwaves in Wyoming. He has become a giant in this under-populated state.  All while being an amazing husband and a wonderful father.

Sidenote: We have decided that Little Spooner just hates the restaurant we went to the other day.  Daddy Spooner and I took her out to dinner the other night with us to the same restaurant that Megan and I went to and she totally freaked out again.  Maybe it's just that place, it tends to be a bit warm, and stuffy.  Here's hopin' that we can find a sitter for this coming Wednesday so we can get some adult time while we go out with our friends for dinner and to see some "Black Violins"... VERY EXCITED!


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