Ladies Who Brunch

So one of my oldest friends was in town this weekend.  We were headed down to the West Side Market, with Nana, before we hit up the Cleveland Home Remodeling Expo. Well turns out there was absolutely NO parking at the Market this morning. So needless to say we did not get to shop inside. Instead we decided to try something new for Brunch.

That's when we drove by BonBon.  I have seen this place a couple times and just figured it was out of my price range.  It is so "New York" looking to me (or at least what my brain imagines NYC might be like considering I've never been there).  

So when I first walked in I thought well this is cozy... Big windows let the sun shine in. You are greeted by a display case full of amazing looking cupcakes and other pastries (I noticed mostly cupcakes... I love them). Apparently they won and episode of Cupcake Wars... I'm dying to try their fig cupcake.

We grabbed a few menus and waited to be seated. Prices were reasonable, if not surprising.  No more than you'd pay at Bob Evans or some big chain. Nana went for the breakfast nachos, My friend grabbed the breakfast sandwich, and I HAD to try the Vanilla French Toast (after my experience in Vegas I've been craving yummy French toast).  

The French toast did not disappoint.  3 pieces of delicious bread (not crazy thick either). It was topped with marscapone, warm banana type syrup, and of course powdered sugar.  This dish did not last long. 

I sampled some of my friends "home fries" and they were crispy but edible. And Nana's nachos had amazing vandalized onions on them which paired with the chorizo perfectly... So yummy. 

This is a place I can picture taking Little Spooner for brunch and making it our "place". I've always wanted to have something like that with someone, and I can see us doing this every other weekend.  :-) because sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name (-:  

Do you have somewhere that is considered "your place"... Let me know- Mommy Spooner

P.S. The home remodeling show was the same thing as the ix center home and garden show... Unless you need a roof, new siding, or a steam mop, there was not a lot of inspiration to be found. I did get to hear Nicole Curtis (rehab addict) speak, highlight of the expo! She's amazingly creative, smart, and funny! 


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