Busy Bee

This is what the living room looks like from my front entry way
This is what the TV wall looked
like prior to paint
Photo wall prior to pain
(front door is to the left, kitchen to the right)
The past week I have had no school so I have started the 5 week vacation from class with a bang. I finished painting the living room, and even completed making some new pillows for the couch.  Let's just say that the stripe wall was inspired by a coworkers recent home painting job :-) , but I must say I LOVE how it turned out. I got the colors from the fabric that I picked out for dining room chair slipcovers and the couch pillows.
The paisley fabric is what my dining room
chairs will be slip-covered in as well. The link
design will be the cushion cover for the wooden
chairs at the dining table.

(I'm a horrible photographer)... Did not even consider the light coming through the giant window behind these pillows. But you can get the idea :-). Yep sure did sew these pillows all by myself, all I did was purchase the pillow inserts.
I've begun to live out my motto "if you can't find something you are in love with, make it!"  
Little Spooner has already initiated the pillows and has thrown them all over the room and kicked them around, and cuddled with them. Now I need another manicure to repair my poor fingers from all the painting and needle sticks... The room is not completely done.. but it is getting there!

What is one thing you have shopped forever to find "the perfect one" and had to settle with something else? 
-Mommy Spooner


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