The early bird gets the...

STUFF DONE! Today Little Spooner was up at 7:30am, and so much was accomplished. I am about to utter words that I'm pretty sure no mother anywhere has ever said before in her life... EVER.

I wish my child would wake up earlier... like WAY earlier.
I know, now I said it and I can never take it back, but I speak the truth. When I say I have been more than blessed with an amazing daughter, from birth to now, that is no lie. She slept through the night at about 2.5 months. I can never remember a time when she cried so much that I had to just put her down and walk away. She might have gotten gassy maybe 2-3 times in the car, which led to blood curdling screams for part of a drive, but it was all remedied by getting home, taking her out of the seat and letting her stretch it out, with the help of some baby massage. Potty-trained before she was 2 (except for at bedtime, which we are still working on). Little Spooner will request to take a nap if she is "feeling tired". She has NEVER been a picky eater. The girl will eat anything, and will try anything (except she now has formed an aversion to onions for some reason, she won't say). Even now, for 3.5 y/o, her temper tantrums are not that bad, and so far the transition through the divorce has seemed almost seamless for her (we are making the effort to remain civil and friendly and still do things together to show her that we are a united front in this).
So when I say I want her to wake-up earlier it is true. The girl sleeps in until 8:30, sometimes 9. She goes to bed around 8:30-9. And this is all great for a Mom who works 3-11 and doesn't go to bed now for some reason until around 1am (namely because I have to catch Chelsea Lately at the 12:30 slot). This however is not great for the Mom who wishes to be more productive during the mornings and have more time in her day to herself, not just wake up, eat breakfast, shower, eat lunch and go back to work. This Mommy has goals, and has Pinterest Crafts she wants to make, and amazing lunches and dinners she wants to prepare, and wants to drink coffee at the crack of dawn while reading a book outside during the summer months (maybe I even would want to do that BEFORE Little Spooner wakes up), and even squeeze in a DAILY work-out. When she was a baby, it took no effort at all to get out of bed at 2am or 4:30am to feed her, or for the slightest whimper. Unfortunately the 16 year old inside my brain will not allow me to just magically wake up at the crack of dawn if I don't HAVE to, because deep down I know that if she's not awake, I don't have to be either. My alarm goes off EVERY morning at 6:30am, and I make a subconscious decision to fly back into bed and hit snooze 8 times. I know that what I really have is a lack of will power to NOT jump back into bed, and I have no discipline over myself.
I am taking back control of my life, and I WILL accomplish all of my "goals" for this year. I will start waking up early! With or without Little Spooner!- I should probably go to bed now if I'm getting up early tomorrow- Mommy Spooner


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