The past week or so...

"Mom! Take a picture of me!"
- cavity free!

So the past week or so has been quite busy. Last week was just horrible. The work schedule was all over the place, even worked a night shift and half a day shift at one point (leaving me sore throat and stuffied as I type). After a night of working, with little sleep the day before, I managed to take Little Spooner to the dentist for our annula check-up. She did wonderful in the chair. She wasn't scared at all. It probably doesn't hurt that our dentist is truly the best. I have been going to him since I was Little Spooners age, so I am incredibly comfortable with him, and not only that... but the man tap dances. Little Spooner thinks that is the greatest thing. She is learning tap and ballet, and so they shuffle stepped together. :) If you are looking for a Dentist on the west side of Cleveland Dr. Walter Below is top notch!

So once the week was finally over, it ended on a much better note. Well kind of a better note. After work on Friday had an amazing dinner made by friends followed by MUCH to MUCH wine (if there is such a thing.. who am I kidding there certainly is such a thing as too much wine) and caught up with a few long lost friends. On Saturday morning I went to the West Side Market with Music Man (wanted to go with Mr. Big becaues of his blog title, but I'm pretty sure that one was already taken) where we bought food for dinner that night. I still slightly hung over. We bought salmon filets ,asparagus and fingerling potatoes (and let's not forget the amazing cupcakes we bought there as well from Grandma Campbells shop- they get their own post). Triple threat dinner. Got some curtains hung in Little Spooners room, took a nap and woke up to this... Yes, it was as declicious as it looks! It's amazing what a little bit of garlic, garlic expressions, mustard and panko bread crumbs can do!
I was more than blow away by this concoction. It would have been really good as well with some wine, but Sierra Mist did the trick as well! Wine wouldn't have sat well with me still. :) This Saturday I was also introduced to my next crafty adventure... Project Life. Have a prego friend who is using this as her baby book, and it has inspired me to re-do Little Spooners baby book, along with starting a Life book for Little Spooner and I, journaling and documenting all the fun things we do... Kinda like a blog but less digital.
That's it for now.. Mommy Spooner


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