Way behind.

I feel like I have not blogged in forever. I am going to take the next few blogs and catch you all up on our lives. First thing is first, my little sister got married back in October. Here are a few pictures from that. Little Spooner was one of the Flower Girls and to everyones surprise walked down all by herself and even threw a few leaves from her basket. It was a beautiful day and they could not have asked for better weather (atleast for the end of October). Here are some pictures from the day. We all had so much fun.  
Our Little Family
Auntie Cole and Little Spooner
As you can see She had so much fun that we had to pull up a few chairs for her to take a little nap. She slept right through dinner, but danced the night away. She stayed awake the entire way home... and slept in the next day. Gotta love a little Wedding fun!- Mommy Spooner


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