shortest blog ever

Typing this blog from my e-reader. Haven't posted in quite some time. Lots to stuff going to lately. Little Spooner and i have been very busy in the mornings. We have been going to squeaky sneakers to monday, storytime to tuesdays, took a trip to the mall to play indoors (that didn't work so well) and today we went to twinkle tots at the planetarium Android strolled the nature center with some friends, and tomorrow was going to be playground world but we have a trip to the wonderful east side.
I have a friend who has a litle one the same age as Little Spooner. She is expecting. I have said it before, i cannot fathom having another one. Especially not now. The rule has always been when Little Spooner was potty trained... if you missed that one, we have been out to diapers for 2 months. The new rule has become new baby comes when we are no longer living under our current roof. I refuse to be that couple, just very inappropriate... atleast to me. Also because i get physically sick when it comes to signing a lease or anything that requires spending over 100 dollars. I honestly think it would be detrimental to the health of a fetus. I would be lying if i said i wasn't a little bit jealous of all my friends who have had babies recently or are going to be having a baby.
Enough from my torn mind. I will live to fret another day- Mommy Spooner


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