Milky Kisses

This is the definition of how our mornings go around here. When I say how mornings go I mean before we try and get dressed for the day and have gone through our temper tantrum for the day. Little Spooner is such a Ham, and is always up for a photo-op (milk on her face and all). For breakfast she usually will ask for Apples, Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Granola Bar... and of course her Cuppy of Milk.  
The "Terrible Two's" that everyone talks about do not seem to be going so bad. Like I said before it is usually only when it comes to getting dressed that we have a problem. She is pretty mild tempered. She seems to have an aversion to me her mother at times. I know it is just a phase though. We have had it so easy up until now, and I cannot complain about a thing. Love her milky face- Mommy Spooner


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