Anyone have an extra pallet??

This is such a cute idea!! Looks easy enough right? It's a pallet chandelier. I found this on another blog, and looks sooo easy. Just take a pre-made palelt, sand it down, stain it if need be, attatch some chains and some various jars with candles.. Perfect out on the deck of patio durring those loong summer nights! Just need to find a pallet... I am sure there has to be one somewhere around my dad and grandpa's shop! :) Looks like I'm going hunting!  Possibly my next project- I will keep you posted, Mommy Spooner

FYI: We are taking Little Spooner to her first baseball game this evening.  We are going to a Lake Erie Crushers game in preparation for the Indians game we are going to attempt in a few weeks.  It's a late game, 7:05 (late for a 21 month old) and we decided to try it out at the little park first, this way if it doesn't work we can adjust the plan as need be! Photos to follow!w


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