A Spooner-palooza!

The whole Spooner clan is in town for a wedding, and when the Spooners are in town it is a 5 day fiesta of visiting, dinners, swimming, and of course the wedding.  The Spooners consist of this... Mama Spooner who is the matriarch of the family (she is my husbands grandmother), she has 4 living children (who are all married) + 1 daughter-in-law. Each of those children + spouses have 2 children of their own (if you are keeping count at this point that is a total of (21 people- one set of aunt/uncle have 3 kids). Add to that total of grandkids their spouses so 21+9= 30.  And so far on top of all of that there are 16 great-grandchilden! So a total of 46 people just in the "immediate family". This is the first time in a LOOONG time that everyone has actually been together and it so so fun. It is great to watch Little Spooner interacting with all of her cousins some she has met, others she is meeting for the first time. She is such a lover, it is soo funny to watch her hugging on everyone, and handing out kisses. This is why it is soo great to be back.

Surrounded by family and friends is right where we needed to be 3 months ago, and it is soo good to be here. From my post in the middle of March til now, we have made quite a few changes in our lives, and they have all been for the better.  I just have to keep reminding myself that right now we are in a transitional phase, and while it is soo hard sometimes to celebrate in others accomplishments and new beginnings, I just tell myself that this too shall pass and that our day will come. Like my favorite song says, "in the middle of my little mess I forget how big I'm blessed", which I do.  I have to focus on the things I can control, and not the things I cannot. It has all happened for a reason, and I just have to pray that in 6 months from now or whenever our time comes, that we come out closer and stronger than we were when we went into all of this.

I am off to drop Little Spooner off at Nana and P-Papa's house for the night, so we can dance the night away at the weddng- Mommy Spooner (Many pictures to follow tomorrow)


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