Life is good,

It is amazing the joy a couple hermit crabs can bring to a 21 month old. Little Spooner has 2 pet hermit crabs. When we purchased them they had shells that were painted, 1 like a panda bear (named Panda-crab) and the other painted like a cheeseburger (aptly named cheesy-crab). The other day cheesy-crab decided he was too big for his cheeseburger shell.  So he packed up and moved out.  We were unaware that that he had done this, and so we are unsure how long he was out of his shell, so we rushed to the pet store and purchased a few shells so he could get moved into a new home.  We also purchased a new cage for the crabs so they had more room to frolic.  The gentleman at the pet store was quite informed about hermit crabs, and we learned quite a bit. Once they were both all nestled into their new habitat, we covered them with a towel (hermit crabs are nocturnal if you didn't know) in hopes that it wasn't too late for cheesy-crab.

Well he did not take to either of the new shells, but cheesy decided that his old shell wasn't so bad.  Thinking that maybe the 2 new options we posed were too big for him, we bought a couple smaller ones that were bigger than the originals, and wouldn't you know it, he moved on up to a shell painted like a ghost.  But it is just amazing how excited Little Spooner gets every morning when she wants to go out on the porch to see cheesy and panda-crab.  After we check on the crabs, Little Spooner goes out and checks on Mr. Bonkers who is the "stray" cat that has been hanging around the outside of the house for over a month now. He/she (we are unsure of gender, but Mr. Bonkers stuck) probably sticks around because we were afraid the poor thing was starving so we started buying cat food and feeding it multiple times a day and putting out a little bit of milk for it (have no idea why it won't leave!).  Mr. Bonkers is an incredibly friendly cat, and as soon as he hears the garage door go up, he is right in the driveway meowing away.  Have a really funny story about Mr. Bonkers that put him/her in a completely new light for me... but that's for another day!
Mommy Spooner.


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