More pretty things...

I have finally taken it upon myself to finish these dresses. They are a little different then the pillowcase dresses (ok, a lot different), but I found them to be even easier to make. The fabric I bought already had rouching at the top, so i literally had to measure the length and width of each girl and now Little Spooner and Cousin Soupy have matching dresses (Soupy is the one who ALWAYS wears a dress, no matter the weather or what she is doing).  For the ties I just used some ribbon and sewed it into the center of the front of the dress and it ties around their neck. It hugs up top because of the ruching and it is flowy at the bottom. They were a huge hit!
I am going to JoAnns tomorrow to find some more fabric like this to make some more!
Can't wait to show you!  Mommy Spooner


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