Frozen in time...

Courtesty of Google Images, a look at the Spledor
of the Big Horn Mountains, WY

Literally... freezing my tookus off this morning.  We didn't fill the propane the full way the last time specifically because we knew we would be moving (not to Ohio, but just to another home in the middle-of-nowhere).  Well looks like we planned it just perfect, because propane is gone and house is FREEZING (55 degrees to be exact).  On a sadder note...
I laid in bed last night unable to fall asleep, thinking about the days ahead of me. This morning the movers are coming and Daddy Spooner and I are headed back to Ohio. Have not gotten to see Little Spooner in over a week and a half, miss her like crazy. The days have become a little easier going. Still have a lot going on, but the light at the end of the tunnel gets a little brighter every day.  We are leaving this little town (officially a city after the 2010 census) with a lot of great memories along with a lot of horrible ones.  It's all very bittersweet. We have made life-long friends with whom I hope we will see again someday. Also looking forward to the day we can bring Little Spooner back to these parts and show her where she spent the first year and a half of her life. It  will be when she can really appreciate the beauty of the mountains, animals, and the history of it all.

Courtesy of Google Images. The Occidental Hotel in
Downtown Middle-of-Nowhere, WY
It sure has been a great ride Wyoming.  This great state opened up its arms and hearts to a couple of city kids just starting their family trying to live their dreams. Thank you to all... Momma Spooner.


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