Cookies for a Cause

Tonight I was totally planning on just going to pick up a few boxes of "instant" cookie bars to make the treats I promised for the "The Dull Family Fundraising Auction". But I had already made some really good sugar cookie dough the other day and had baked half of the cookies I had planned on making in the first place, but was feeling a bit lazy about finishing them and having to decorate them... I am so glad that Megan convinced me to just make them, even if I took the easy way out of decorating them. Who doesn't love butter cream frosting on a sugar cookie! I prefer it, just doesn't look as cool as the royal frosting I normally use.  
Anyways, all of these cookies (minus 2 that we ate), will be going to a good cause to help the Dull Family Fund and help raise awareness of Domestic Violence in our community. Hope all will enjoy them, they are certainly the best batch I have ever made. I am glad that we finished them and I didn't settle for boring boxed treats. Something a little more "heart"-felt. The Dull family can certainly use prayers and support during this difficult time and it is soo nice to see how a community can come together to help other members in need. Definitely one of the benefits of living in small town "Middle-of-Nowhere". Bedtime for this Mommy Spooner, Hasta Manana


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