Potty For 1, Please!

Had a great day today just Little Spooner and I.  Made a 35 mile journey into the booming metropolis to the North (which means we went to Wal-Mart AND Starbucks).  She was absolutely spectacular on our trip to the store. Did not cry or whine once! I couldn't belive it.  We got home, lunch went off without a hitch, and she napped for 2.5 GLORIOUS hours, and I got all the floors in the house swept AND mopped.

After the nap did not go soo well for a few hours, but it is amazing what a little snacky, some milk, and Do-do-do-do-do-Dora can do for a crabby 16month old (it sounds horrible, but like they said at MOPS- "TV is a gift" at times).  Ate dinner, and got to have 2 hours of fun, playing, tickling, reading, and cuddling.  It is days and nights like this one that remind me why we want to have more kids...

That was the topic of conversation on ht way home from our date night just a few days ago... I made mention of how exciting it would be to have another baby (mostly because I had encountered a 2 week old in the hospital that day), and how cute and little they are (apparently NOT a good reason to have a baby).  I even made the point that its not like the baby would be here the next day, we would have 9 months to prepare... and that there was a 50% chance that it was a girl which means we wouldn't REALLY have to buy a whole lot of anything! I was quickly shot down, saying we agreed to wait until Little Spooner was potty trained, or close to it.  Little Spooner has had a potty chair since she was 1 year old.  Everynight she sits on it before bath time. Sometimes she goes, about 60% of the time she doesn't.  Let's just say that from this point on, I plan on letting the sitter know to try and get her on the potty chair more often.  BUT, we shall see. Until then, I will enjoy the wine and coffee and just enjoy watching others little ones.- Mommy Spooner


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