Back to the Grindstone...

Every magazine I have looked at lately seems to be reminding me that bathing suit season (notice how I now longer refer to it as bikini season because I haven't seen a bikini in about 2 years). So I also noticed the other day that I have taken an un-necessary hiatus from the Gym, yep the place where you work out.  It has been since before Christmas that I stopped going, and I am not exactly sure why... but my scale as I stepped on it after my parents visit this past week reminded me that I am not that skinny girl who can eat whatever anymore and not workout... So it begins again: Nightly visits to the gym.  I have recruited some friends to join me as well (but I have decided also to not depend on others to motivate me to get to the gym I need to make these decisions based on my drive to get into shape and be that MILF I've always said I would be). Who doesn't want to be the hot mom of their kids friends right??
So tonight was a slow start, elliptical for about 20 mins and did just a hair over 2 miles.. pretty impressive (my right quad is not thinking so at the moment though), along with some weights and the ever helpful crunches. So the journey begins.  From time to time I will be blogging of my results, etc... but that will not be all, PROMISE!! Who wants to read all about someone working out and losing weight? Not sure anyone would have thought a TV show about that would be so successful either, but it is.Never-the-less I am bound and determined to make this the best summer ever and wear that bikini. I will get back to running and run in the Klondike Run this fall (it's a 5k, give me a break), not to mention looking amazing in the bridesmaid dress at my sisters wedding. I have to put stuff like this down in writing because then I can't go back and say I forgot! :) Here is to turning over a  new leaf ... a heavy leaf, but a new leaf at that! :) Hasta, Madre Spooner


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